What is PCSO-524®?

PCSO-524® is the name given to the active component of the Lyprinol® formulation. PCSO-524® contains 92 fatty acids and is what gives Lyprinol® its potent anti-inflammatory action. PCSO-524® is the result of decades of research and development and has been shown in numerous published trials to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory for which there are no known adverse side effects*. Lyprinol® contains 50mg of PCSO-524®, 100mg of a proprietary oleic acid blend and 0.225mg of d-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

Arthritis relieved

Published peer-reviewed trials have show that Lyprinol® is able to relieve the inflammation and pain that are associated with arthritis, by modulating the main inflammatory pathway, which is known as the lipoxygenase pathway*. PCSO-524® and the other components of Lyprinol® are extracted from foods that have been consumed safely for thousands of years. Papers published in the medical journals Inflammopharmacology, Complimentary Therapies in Medicine and Allergie and Immunology reported that Lyprinol® was a more potent anti-inflammatory than prescription drugs and did not have any of the adverse side effects associated with such drugs*.

Speaking plainly

While PCSO-524® has been shown to relieve the pain and swelling of arthritis, it cannot cure arthritis. At this time, there is no cure for arthritis. What PCSO-524® can do is improve a person's quality of life by reducing the severity of the symptoms, without the list of known adverse side effects of prescription drugs. PCSO-524® is a more potent anti-inflammatory than fish oil and, unlike fish oil, it does not cause bleeding. By way of comparison, as an anti-inflammatory PCSO-524® has been shown to be 350 times more potent than fish oil*.

Asthma reduced

PCSO-524® has been shown in a published peer-reviewed clinical trial to reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks by as much as 50 per cent*. It should be considered to be a useful adjunct to the asthma management regime prescribed by your doctor, not a replacement. Asthma is caused by an inflammatory response in the airways, which can be triggered by a variety of things that range from allergies to cold air. Because PCSO-524® is a potent natural anti-inflammatory, it modulates the body's inflammatory response and reduces the excessive inflammatory response that leads to asthma*.

Improve exercise performance

The potent anti-inflammatory action of PCSO-524® has been shown in peer-reviewed published trials to improve the breathing of athletes and to reduce the level and duration of post-exercise soreness*. A paper published in the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine reported that the use of PCSO-524® halved the severity and duration of post-exercise muscle soreness, which is known as delayed-onset muscle scoreness (DOMS). The pain, stiffness and muscle weakness that follows strenuous exercise requires recovery time, which can be between 48 hours to a week. How quickly an athlete can recover to the point that they are able to push the envelope again determines how fit and strong they become. Because PCSO-524® hastens recovery and is completely legal, it can help athletes train harder than someone who is not using it.

Another common problem among people who exercise is exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), which is also known as exercise-induced asthma (EIA). A paper published in the medical journal Respiratory Medicine reported that when PCSO-524® was used by athletes who experienced EIB there was an average improvement in lung function of 59 per cent. EIB occurs as a result of an inflammatory response in the airways in both asthmatic and non-asthmatic athletes. It can cause a narrowing of the airways, which results in the typical symptoms of EIB, such as wheezing and chest tightness. The deterioration in lung function can happen both during and after exercise. The condition is so common that the International Olympic Committee has estimated that between 10 and 15 per cent of summer Olympians and at least 20 per cent of winter Olympians experience EIB.


For the first month take two Lyprinol® capsules in the morning and two in the evening. After the first month you may be able to reduce your intake to one or two capsules per day, for joint care. Everyone's needs are different because of their individual circumstances, so you will have to find what dose works best for you. Because PCSO-524® and the other components of Lyprinol® are derived from foods it is suitable for children, as well as adults. The dose required will vary depending upon the size of the child, but as a general guide we suggest that for children between three and 12 years of age a dose of three capsules per day for the first month and then one or two capsules per day thereafter should be sufficient. While there are no known risks associated with PCSO-524®, for the sake of safety we recommend that a doctor should be consulted before pregnant women, or children younger than one year of age, begin to take Lyprinol®.

Seafood allergies

PCSO-524® and Lyprinol® do not contain the proteins that trigger seafood allergies. There are no known cases of allergic reactions to PCSO-524®.

There is only one PCSO-524®

PCSO-524® is the result of a unique process. Lyprinol® contains 50mg of PCSO-524®, 100mg of a proprietary oleic acid blend that is derived from olive oil and 0.225mg of d-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E). The active component of Lyprinol®, which is PCSO-524®, is a unique mix of 92 fatty acids that are extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus). What makes PCSO-524® unique is that before the fatty acids are extracted the flesh of the mussel is stabilised to prevent oxidisation. PCSO-524® is the only lipid extract that benefits from the stabilisation and extraction process. Without this process, the fatty acids oxidise and become therapeutically useless. This is what distinguishes PCSO-524® and Lyprinol® from other mussel products. There is a mussel powder that also benefits from this process, but because the lipids are only 5 per cent of the volume of the powder you would need to take 1,000mg of the powder to equal the efficacy of the 50mg of PCSO-524® that is contained in each Lyprinol® capsule. Decades of published peer-reviewed research have established PCSO-524® and Lyprinol® as the pre-eminent mussel product. Please visit the references page of this website to see a list of the various papers that have been written about the research work conducted on PCSO-524®.

Structure of PCSO-524®

PCSO-524® contains five main lipid classes: sterol esters, triglycerides, free fatty acids, sterols and polar lipids. There are 10 marine sterols in the sterol esters and sterol fractions. It also contains 30 types of essential fatty acids that are mixtures of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. PCSO-524® contains long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for human health. The two main omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in PCSO-524® are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) (20 carbon atoms that have five double bonds, which is referred to as 20:5 omega-3); and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) (22:6 omega-3). PCSO-524 also contains other fatty acids that belong to the omega-3 family. These fatty acids all have four double bonds and have carbon chain lengths of 18, 19 and 20 atoms. They are described as 18:4 omega-3 (18:4n-3); 19:4 omega-3 (19:4n-3); and 20:4 omega-3 (20:4n-3).

*See the references page on this site.

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